Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Questions a Human Ecologist asks when visiting another country for specific intensive study of a particular subject:

Whoa, I've never seen rocks like that before, I wonder what they're called.
(Answer: flint)

Do you have bears in the UK?
(Answer: no)

I wonder if men wear their beards that way because it's in style or because the gene pool makes it physiologically necessary.
(Answer: It's rather attractive, either way.)

If I throw my gum in the woods on a visit to an organic farm, am I negatively impacting the ecosystem? How would I feel differently if I were on a "conventional" farm?
(Answer: Michael Marriage's pigs will eat it.)

How old is that tree?
(Answer: A few hundred years.)

What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?
(Answer: Make me one with everything.)

How do you say beer in German?
(Answer: bier)

How did they come up with such an ingenious design for canal locks?
(Answer: Hundreds of years of experience.)

Can we hitch a ride to the next village on your canal boat?
(Answer: Would you like some pork pie?)

Isn't it interesting how water buffalo can sense fear, and they'll pick on you if you dont act confident? How does that inform the way we act when we visit Berlin after two weeks in the English countryside?
(Answer: Especially when you don't speak the language of words, speak confidently in the language of the body.)

Do you know any myths about...
(Answer: lengthy)

Is that a blueberry? Can I eat it?
(Answer: No, try it.)

Why does the sky look so deep?
(Answer: I want to study clouds.)

What am I going to do with my education?
(Answer: Spread joy.)

Please add to the list, because how could any one person ever be comprehensive?
Answer: With the help of others.

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